Creative planning, publication editing and image planning

We consider image planning part of the process of image creation while taking into account the principles determined by practice. According to this:

Our services:

Marketing counselling

Based on our experiences we have created a choice of services that covers the main areas of marketing research and communication. With a background like this we off er a wide range of support to our customers in starting or reorganising their business enterprises as well as in launching a new product or service through an extensive process.

Our services help our customers in the following areas:

Online marketing

The expression World Wide Web represents why online marketing is more and more widely spread:

Our stabile web experts background supplies our customers with a development that follows the needs of the business world, even in the online world.

Our off ers:

Event organising

We believe that there are a lot of possibilities in events for companies and organizations. We have experiences in organizing many kind of events, like: